TREDEX Company Ltd., Kharkov

The company is a developer of medical computer diagnostic systems. It was founded in April 2002 by a group of leading developers as a result of reorganization of the former well known in Ukraine company DX-Systems Ltd.

The main field of the Company`s activities is development of electroencephalographic and electrocardiographic systems. A major competitive advantage of the company is the utilization for diagnostic purpose telemetric communication channels developed by the Company`s employees. Due to a synthesis of innovative design ideas and many years of experience in the development of medical equipment, TREDEX Company Ltd. at present offers on the medical market the equipment that has no counterparts in Ukraine and CIS countries. The «TREDEX» medical diagnostic set is registered by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in October 2004 and consists of three channels, each of them providing an entire spectrum of required features:

1. Radiotelemetric EEG channel «ExpertTM».
2. Radiotelemetric ECG channel «RadioHolter».
3. Transtelephonic ECG channel «Telecard».

In 2004 in Ukraine for the first time in the CIS countries the program was started for complexly equipping medical institutions with telemetric ECG sets «Telecard». At present in all regions of Ukraine and leading cardiological centers the equipment is installed that makes it possible to record 12-channel electrocardiograms transmitted from central regional hospitals, family outpatient departments and feldsher-midwife stations over telephone communication channels. Taking into account the pilot projects started earlier in Kherson and Kharkov regions, more than 20 thousand electrocardiograms have been transmitted by the «Telecard» system. This has made it possible to provide highly qualified consultative assistance to the residents of remote regions of Ukraine, and in a number of cases to save patient`s lives.

The quality of transmitted ECG, comparable with the best models of stationary and portable electrocardiographs, short transmission time (up to 100 seconds) and low cost of peripheral devices that can be installed in any place where a telephone line is available, puts the «Telecard» complex above the competition over the entire after-Soviet territory. Although, as a number of foreign partners of TREDEX Company Ltd. confessed, this system is one of the best in the international market as well. If we take into account that the «Telecard» complex has been designed taking into account the possibility to transmit ECG over mobile phones and radio channels, the equipment field of application can be substantially widened, encompassing emergency medicine, emergency and immediate medical care, the Emergency Situations Ministry. Besides, the experience of developing similar system in EU, USA and Israel demonstrates excellent prospects of the «Telecard» in the market of paid medicine for enterprises and individuals. Anyway, such market still is to be created in the CIS countries together with medical insurance companies.

The electroencephalographic equipment manufactured by TREDEX Company Ltd. is unique by its possibilities as well. The devices have been designed taking into account the necessity of diagnosing the death of the brain and they have a guaranteed low noise below 1 μV when working even under field conditions without grounding and screening. Such features make it possible to recommend the «ExpertTM» EEG sets for implementation in the system of transplantation of organs, as well as for installing in operation rooms and intensive care units of the majority of hospitals and institutes of Ukraine. The scientific results obtained with «Expert» electroencephalographs, namely, the investigation of changes in human EEG under the influence of electromagnetic field of a mobile phone have been published in the leading foreign scientific editions, including «International Journal of Neuroscience». The works of the TREDEX Company Ltd. employees rose a vivid interest of foreign investigators; many of them point out that they cannot either confirm or invalidate the obtained data, because they have no such first-class equipment protected against external interference and pickups in their disposal.

The set of ECG radiomonitoring «RadioHolter» makes it possible to conduct investigations in «real time» of ECGs of 6 patients simultaneously. Such kind of equipment is standard for foreign hospitals, which have cardiological departments and intensive care units. At the same time it is still a rarity in Ukraine. No doubt, the vast foreign experience of operating systems of ECG radiomonitoring for lowering the risk of sudden death and preventing negative consequences of abrupt aggravation of cardiovascular diseases due to immediate reaction of the medical personnel to changes in ECG, as well as light and sound alarms of the set, deserves a close examination in Ukraine. At present TREDEX Company Ltd. is the only company in the CIS countries that batch manufactures clinically tested equipment for ECG radiomonitoring.

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