Сertificate of registration was prolongated in the Russian Federation


Tredex Complex certificate of registration was prolongated in the Russian Federation  No. RZN 2015/3325 from 19th November, 2015.  The certificate validity period is unlimited. The certificate is presented on the website section Certificates.

Tredex Complex was collected in the Republic of Uzbekistan


The pattern approval certificate of measuring instruments for transtelephonic telemetric diagnostic medical complex Tredex was collected in the Republic of Uzbekistan. One more certificate was added to the website section.

The registration of Tredex Complex was conducted in the Republic of Belarus


The registration of transtelephonic telemetric diagnostic medical complex Tredex was  conducted in the Republic of Belarus. The certificate of registration No.7.101682 was collected. The certificate is valid until  5th August, 2015.  The certificate can be viewed on the website  section Certificates.

Completed the development and state registration of "Device for electrocardiographic signal display on telecommunication devices "Mosquito"


Completed the development and state registration of "Device for electrocardiographic signal display on telecommunication devices "Mosquito".

The device is intended for personal use by patients and physicians - internists, cardiologists, functionalists. The main feature of the device is its compact size and low price.

For the first time in the nation's medical practice every doctor obtained an opportunity to have in his/her pocket a digital 12-channel electrocardiograph that is compatible with any phone running on OS Android.

Complex Tredex has received a perpetual certificate No.13863/2014 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine


Complex Tredex has received a perpetual certificate No.13863/2014 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Changes are registered in the specifications in force, which have significantly expanded the functionality of the complex.

ECG telemetrychnyj prystrij – ECG telemetry device


Dear Colleagues,

Company TREDEX pleased to inform you that our long-term work on creation and development of telemedicine diagnostic ECG segment in Ukraine was a success! February 23, 2012 the Ministry of Health of Ukraine issued order number 132 of 23.02.2012 "Sample table of equipment in health care departments of health facilities that provide primary care (medical and sanitary) help" (in Ukrainian). This order for the first time in the history of national health care laid the necessary and comprehensive legal basis for the creation of a telemedicine network for urgent ECG diagnosis in rural areas.

According to the text of the order, the standard equipment of primary health care in Ukraine includes "ECG telemetrichny pristrіy (ECG telemetry device)”. Under this name in dozens of tenders in 2012 stands our 12-channel complex of transtelephonic ECG diagnosis "Telecard". During the summer months of 2012 only in Kharkov region, they purchased more than 450 such devices, in Kirovograd - 89, in Donetsk - 150. In many regions and districts, tenders take place for a smaller number of "Telecard" and on our website, there is simply not enough space to accommodate all.

We are ready to offer pleasant conditions for cooperation to all companies operating in the market of medical equipment, and provide all facilities to carry out the order number 132 from 23.02.2012 to equip primary care in our country regarding the purchase of ECG telemetry devices.

New modification of complex Tele-ECG Radioholter now is ready for ordering!


We are pleased to announce the next modification of complex Tredex in configuration Tele-ECG Radioholter. The changes:

  • increased number of recorded channels - instead of a single bipolar ECG now available leads I, II, III, AVR, AVL and AVF;
  • changed type of the antenna-feeder device – the distributed cable antenna is replaced by the network of transceiver cells;
  • simplex mode of the complex operation is replaced by the duplex one;
  • the electrocardiogram registration software has been subjected to radical revision;
  • one of the best programs in the world of Holter ECG processing - ECGpro, offered as an option to the standard complex, has been adapted to registered 6-channel ECG.

The complex is now available to order. Now we are supplying the updated equipment Tele-ECG Radioholter in five CRHs in Murmansk region, and one - in Moscow region.

In connection with the release of a new modification, we stopped the manufacture of the single-channel complex. Previously made orders are subject to correction. Supply of the equipment under previous contracts is made at the agreed prices.

Note: The work is underway on the following modification, which provides connection to the network of cells Tele-ECG Radioholter of a 12-channel radio telemetry electrocardiograph. With the advent of such a device, the complex will become completely universal.

ECG transmission by satellite channels


 TREDEX Company, in collaboration with General Telecom (Moscow, Russia) spent ECG transmission technology using transtelefonnogo transmitter "Telecard" on satellite channels. The opportunity to receive immediate assistance with the use of diagnostic ECG transmission at any distance is now available on the entire surface of the globe. Broad prospects for the introduction of "Telekarda" opening of the railways, aircraft and ships, in all remote areas have no connection other than satellite. Digital transmission standard diagnostic information is gaining leading positions in remote diagnostics.

III International Conference "Telemedicine - Experience @ prospects"

March 27-29, 2007 in the Donetsk Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics went III International Conference "Telemedicine - Experience @ prospects." One of the most interesting reports on the popular belief, was a statement by the Director of the Company TREDEX Pavlovic RV. experience with the analysis of complex transtelefonnoy electrocardiography "Telecard" in Ukraine, a comparative review of the existing ECG transmission systems on the phone and outlining the prospects for further introduction of such equipment in the country.

Videoconference "Current issues of distance education and telemedicine"


 The company TREDEX participated in the all-Ukrainian scientific-practical videoconference "Current issues of distance education and telemedicine", which was held on 15-16 March 2007 in Zaporizhia State Medical University and broadcast via the Internet NMAPE im.Shupika, NTU "KPI", Dnepropetrovskuyu State Academy, Ternopil LGU, Prikarpatskii NU, Kharkov NURE and other organizations and educational institutions. Significant interest of the conference participants led to reports AV Kramarenko "A comparative analysis of analog and digital transmission techniques of ECG signals by telephone lines and Pavlovic RV" "An analysis of operating experience complex transtelefonnoy electrocardiography" Telecard "in Ukraine for the period 2005-2006.". Clinical and administrative matters transtelefonnoy electrocardiography were presented in the reports Zagubizhenko TA, head. EDO office FD Kharkiv, and Marenko Ya.L., head. Poltava office OKKD urgent cardiology.


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