ECG telemetrychnyj prystrij – ECG telemetry device


Dear Colleagues,

Company TREDEX pleased to inform you that our long-term work on creation and development of telemedicine diagnostic ECG segment in Ukraine was a success! February 23, 2012 the Ministry of Health of Ukraine issued order number 132 of 23.02.2012 "Sample table of equipment in health care departments of health facilities that provide primary care (medical and sanitary) help" (in Ukrainian). This order for the first time in the history of national health care laid the necessary and comprehensive legal basis for the creation of a telemedicine network for urgent ECG diagnosis in rural areas.

According to the text of the order, the standard equipment of primary health care in Ukraine includes "ECG telemetrichny pristrіy (ECG telemetry device)”. Under this name in dozens of tenders in 2012 stands our 12-channel complex of transtelephonic ECG diagnosis "Telecard". During the summer months of 2012 only in Kharkov region, they purchased more than 450 such devices, in Kirovograd - 89, in Donetsk - 150. In many regions and districts, tenders take place for a smaller number of "Telecard" and on our website, there is simply not enough space to accommodate all.

We are ready to offer pleasant conditions for cooperation to all companies operating in the market of medical equipment, and provide all facilities to carry out the order number 132 from 23.02.2012 to equip primary care in our country regarding the purchase of ECG telemetry devices.

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