New modification of complex Tele-ECG Radioholter now is ready for ordering!


We are pleased to announce the next modification of complex Tredex in configuration Tele-ECG Radioholter. The changes:

  • increased number of recorded channels - instead of a single bipolar ECG now available leads I, II, III, AVR, AVL and AVF;
  • changed type of the antenna-feeder device – the distributed cable antenna is replaced by the network of transceiver cells;
  • simplex mode of the complex operation is replaced by the duplex one;
  • the electrocardiogram registration software has been subjected to radical revision;
  • one of the best programs in the world of Holter ECG processing - ECGpro, offered as an option to the standard complex, has been adapted to registered 6-channel ECG.

The complex is now available to order. Now we are supplying the updated equipment Tele-ECG Radioholter in five CRHs in Murmansk region, and one - in Moscow region.

In connection with the release of a new modification, we stopped the manufacture of the single-channel complex. Previously made orders are subject to correction. Supply of the equipment under previous contracts is made at the agreed prices.

Note: The work is underway on the following modification, which provides connection to the network of cells Tele-ECG Radioholter of a 12-channel radio telemetry electrocardiograph. With the advent of such a device, the complex will become completely universal.

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