How “Telecard" works


Currently, our obviously underestimated estimates, by means of "Telecard" they give not less than 100 000 telemedicine consultations per year in Russia and Ukraine. Even if we assume that only one of hundreds transmitted electrocardiograms is really vital, and the probability of a correct decision on the provision of emergency assistance is 1/2, then not less than five hundred people a year do not give up the ghost or become disabled as a result of a timely remote diagnosis. Naturally, loss of the state decreases also - according to official data, about 15,000 USD per one person - a total of 15000х500=7.5 million cabbage annually.

Problems and achievements of introduction of telemedecine in medical practice in Ukraine


Last years in Ukraine are marked with the long-awaited beginning of processes of healthcare system reformation, the program and trends of which are stated in the foundational documents...

Diagnostic value of transtelephonic ECG: approaching the standard

A.V. Kramarenko, R.V. Pavlovich, L.V. Pavlyutin

In spite the progress in telemedicine, wide use of digital technologies and other achievements of data transfer systems, transtelephonic ECG up till now cannot compete with standard one as to its quality. Therefore it is supposed that an ECG transmitted via phone cannot be a valid document describing the electric activity of the patient’s heart. This widely spread opinion was undoubtedly correct and based on serious errors of transtelephonic electrocardiography that lover its diagnostic value.

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